Fee Rules

1. FEE DAY will be First and Second Monday, Tuesday and Saturday of every month between 8:00 am to 12:30 pm.
2. Fees will be received only on producing the Fee Card.
3. After 30th of every month fees will be received on every Monday with late fine of Rs.10/-.
4. The name of the student will be struck-off from the register if the fees are not paid for more than 2 consecutive months or due to absence of the student without prior information up to 30 days.
5. Parents can deposit the fees and other charges for 12 months in one installment at the beginning of the session.
6. Fees for the due months of February & March will be collected in the month of February itself. In the same way fees for the months of May & June will be collected in the month of May.
7. The fee defaulters will not be allowed to attend classes till the arrears are cleared with the Re-admission fee Rs.30/-.
8. The Annual Development fund must be paid with the fee in the first month of the session.
9. A fee-card will be supplied separately.